Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome to our FAQ page – where we answer some of the most commonly asked questions

Q: What do you mean unlimited photos?
A: Exactly what we said. UNLIMITED. As many as you and your guests would like to take. No extra charge. No catch. Just unlimited.

Q: How long after we take the pictures do we have to wait for them?
A: If you can wait 15 seconds then you are all set. Our high quality glossy photos print just 15 seconds after you step out of the photo booth. Fast printing means more pictures!

Q: How many people can your photo booth hold at once?
A: 8 people at once, it’s a tight fit but we have made it work.

Q: What does the attendant do?
A: The attendant is there to to explain how the photo booth works and to answer any questions that your guests may have. They get everyone involved and make sure everyone is having a great time. They also replace photo supplies if needed and to create an on-site scrapbook.

Q: How many copies do I get?
A: If we are making a scrapbook for you then the guests take four photos in the photo booth and two strips of four print out. One for your guests, then one for your scrapbook. We also have different options of just giving your guest a copy , this is popular for fundraisers, grand openings, etc.

Q: How much space do I need for the photo booth?
A: All we need is a 5×5 area and an outlet.

Q: What if my guests are having a great time and I decide I would like you to stay more time?
A We do offer to stay longer if desired, our charge for this is $150.00 for every additional hour.

Q: Do you charge extra for delivery and set up? And do you count this as part of my hours?
A: We do not charge for delivery and set-up. Everything is included in your flat rate. We also do not take out of your hours for the set-up and break down. If you pay us for four hours, then the photo booth will be up and running all four hours.

Q:Are there limitations of where the photo booth can be used?
A: Not at all, we can take the photo booth wherever your event is located. Stairs, hallways, even outside.

Q: Are you’re photo’s black and white or color?
A Whatever you would like we can do either one for no additional charge.

Q: Do you provide a copy of our images?
A: Yes, along with every package we do include a disc of all of you’re photos which you will receive just one week after you’re event.

Q: Why are you so reasonably priced compared to others?
A: We are not a franchise so are able to work with you as best as we can. We understand that people want candid moments captured at their special events but some companies charge ridiculous prices for this. So give us a call and we will be happy to give you a price that specifically is fit for you and your event.